Adcombi revolutionizes online local advertising for multi-store brands
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Online advertising has evolved rapidly over the last decades. We know because we’ve been there, and we still are for that matter. In fact, Adcombi was runner-up at the Emerce Top 10 European Startups last year, receiving praise for our highly automated online local advertising services. Until recently, we never really cared to seek publicity. With the ongoing development of our own software solutions, however, we are taking a different approach.

National campaigns with a local twist

We have won our spurs in programmatic advertising via several DSPs, but it didn’t end there. With the launch of our multi-advertising services, we have created a powerful online weapon for retailers with multiple locations. The development came about quite accidentally. While discussing a ‘regular’ online campaign with a renowned Dutch supplier of sporting goods, our client expressed their frustration as to the limited possibilities to give their uniform, national campaign a local twist. After all, as they explained, a particular shop in the northern part of the country may prefer to focus on ice skates, whereas a fellow franchisee in the south may prefer to promote hockey items instead.

Automation tool

Moreover, discount campaigns, opening hours and other local conditions may vary. Tailoring online national campaigns to local situations is very labor-intensive and would probably give campaign managers recurring headaches. Unwilling to leave it at that, we decided to develop an automation tool for activating and managing large amounts of regional and local programmatic campaigns. At the same time, we found a way to show the local ads to targeted consumers in the direct vicinity of a particular shop, based on GPS and IP data. As a result, our multi-advertising tool has been adopted by a range of renowned companies in the retail, banking and automotive industry.

Exciting Webinar coming up

The best way to find out how it all works is to join our webinar on March 26 at 10am CET. Please sign up here to learn how we connect hyperlocal audiences at any scale.

A new series of blogs

In just a few years Adcombi has become a key player in local programmatic advertising at scale, with operations in five countries and a second office in Germany. It is our ambition to grow even further in the years to come by adding new functionalities and applications to our existing software, as well as introducing entirely new software solutions. This is why we’ll be sending you a series of blogs in the months to come. In addition to explaining features, cases and other serious matters, we will offer you stories that are remarkable and though-provoking. We consider it our job to enable efficient, dynamic, local advertising, so stay tuned for the latest news on our progress.


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