Iris Amsterdam creates campaign Ella’s Kitchen
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Organic baby food company Ella’s Kitchen Brands has launched its first major campaign in the Netherlands, Kleine Foodies.

Created by iris Amsterdam, the integrated campaign helps parents encourage their kids to develop a good relationship with food, through a targeted EDM series to engage families across the Netherlands, amplified by a collection of online films, print and social media executions.

Reflecting the way children are raised in the Netherlands, the campaign brings together four distinct Kleine Foodies characters, inspiring parents to encourage their babies to build a healthy relationship with food. Introduced via five films that showcase each of their individual personalities, the characters are Daan, the Flavour Magician; Anna, the Ambassador of the Five Senses; Fleur, the Food Artist and Finn, Professor of Food Fun. Each personify the critical elements of discovering and building a healthy relationship with food, as babies grow by exploring all of their senses.

Iris Amsterdam undertook extensive research and audience analysis to establish a distinctly Dutch approach for Ella’s Kitchen - a brand built on a British heritage. With the campaign having originally been conceived for the local market, the concept showed potential for resonance with modern parenting perspectives across the globe and is now set to be adapted for the brand’s core creative platform, with international rollout scheduled throughout 2017.

Amy Brown, Head of Planning at iris Amsterdam: “Ella’s Kitchen has a strong reputation in the UK, but needed a new vibrant proposition, one that would reflect the Dutch parenting style. Parents in NL aren't looking for convenient ready-made replacements; they genuinely enjoy making food for their babies and the whole process around family dining, so the challenge was to position Ella's Kitchen as an extension to that experience rather than a substitute.”

Kenn McRae, Executive Creative Director at iris Amsterdam: “Parents around the world are familiar with kids literally screwing up their faces at new foods – Ella’s Kitchen imagines, and enables, a world where they instead revel in the joy and benefits of discovery.”


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