KesselsKramer creates name, identity and campaign for ARTE TV
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Authentic, pragmatic, close to us, and human. This is how Re: is defined, the new series of reports broadcasted on ARTE TV from Monday to Friday. ARTE TV asked KesselsKramer to develop the name and communication campaign for the new series of reports.

Re: offers a new look at current topics, events and challenges that moves Europe, and delivers the journalistic regards on a populist counterpart.

In 2017 ARTE TV start broadcasting the reports on their channels and online.

In thirty minutes, each daily report shows a piece of Europe.

It encounters exciting people and immerses in their lifeworlds. This is also the main message in the name and campaign: the question what the audience moves.

Which lead back to the name: Re. This stands for regards, react, reply and report.

Part of the program is the connection between the TV-report and social media. Viewers are asked to participate in the online discussion, where a dedicated group of editors dig deeper into the highlighted themes.


Client: ARTE Deutschland
 | Agency: KesselsKramer | 
Creatives: Gijs van den Berg, Stephanie Lüscher
 | Producer: Jaap Hermans
 | Photographer: Jann Höfer
 | Copy: Die Freigeister, Simone Wust
 | Media: UM - Universal McCann, Alf Wittenbecher and Nils Rathjen
 | Animation: Bas Mooij
 | Composer: Jasper Boeke
I | llustrator: Stang Gubbels
 | Social: ZDF digital

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