[Vacatures] Talpa Network is looking for a Frontend TechLead Video
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Talpa Network is directly looking for a:

Frontend TechLead Video

As a Tech Lead Video, you are passionate about technology, don’t care about boundaries and love to discuss the right solution. This is a leading role in building out products for our video platform with your development team in Serbia. Making technical choices and working on robust, scalable technical solutions, one of your days could look like this:

  • You’re excited to get starting and investigate the outcome of a couple of optimizations that were done to get more logged in users on our livestream of Champions League game last night;
  • Prepare the video call for the daily stand-up with the development team in Serbia;
  • You inspire the development team as you see development as a craft and are proud of it;
  • Staying ahead of competition in the media landscape, you and your the Product Owners discuss new exciting features for our platform;
  • Proactively fix some issues or deliver a POC for the team or Product Owner;
  • Review some Pull Requests;
  • Finish a feature ticket you were working on and push a Pull Request;
  • Now it’s time to go out for lunch. Either your @ home or in the office. We’re in de hart of Amsterdam so enough options here or grab some food in our restaurant or a nearby supermarket;
  • Translate use cases into system architecture and technical specifications;
  • Drive quality together with our QA team;
  • Take some time with our Growth Hacker to see if your OKR’s are still valid and progressing;
  • Kick-start innovation by researching blogs and new technologies;
  • Finish and if working from the office head home, energized with new ideas! 


Our Technology Stack

  • React;
  • NodeJS;
  • A big plus: Native iOS & Android;
  • GraphQL;
  • AWS / AWS Elemental;
  • Unified Packaging;
  • Lamda’s / Serverless;
  • Everything related to streaming technology’s / DRM etc…
  • Feel free to expand this list with the right tools to get the job done.


Our main Technology Stack is short but not set in stone

  • React / NEXT.js;
  • NodeJS;
  • JW Player;
  • GraphQL / Apollo;
  • AWS;
  • Feel free to expand this list with the right tools to get the job done.The Talpa Network Technology Digital TV team has Solution Architects, Tech Leads, AWS-, QA- and DevOps Engineers, working together with the Product Owners and the development team in Serbia to make shiny new stuff. Our tech team in a few words? Creative, tech-savvy, enthusiastic and energetic. You’ll see! Working in a media company like Talpa Network is special. The rhythm is hectic, as the drive to get cutting-edge innovations to production is high.


A remarkable Technology Team

At the beating heart of our Video platform we have our Core Services team that deliver the foundation on which you will build our customer facing applications. Working in a media company as a Tech Lead is special. The rhythm can be hectic, as the drive to move innovations to production is high. The Talpa Network Technology Digital Video team is made up of creative, technically savvy Solution Architects, Tech Leads, Cloud-, QA-Engineers, working together with the Product Owners. A big part of the heavy lifting is done in collaboration with our party in Serbia. 

This means a lot to you

  • Working for the biggest start-up company in the Netherlands;
  • Impacting all viewers of Kijk.nl and deliver a video platform for all of Talpa Network;
  • Ownership and influence.
  • Output driven, we don’t care what time you start or end.
  • Being smack in the middle of Amsterdam with all its tech community benefits;


We’re looking for a Tech Lead who is a source of technical inspiration with:

  • A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience as a Tech Lead or a similar role;
  • Solid development knowledge, with a big preference for React & NodeJS and AWS;
  • Solid knowledge of building complex decoupled web applications and api layers;
  • Your holy grail is Continuous Deployment;
  • Getting stuff done in an Agile way with a hands-on and a proactive attitude;
  • Quality is non-negotiable;
  • Knowledge of mobile and smarttv technology is a plus. You don’t need be an expert but you will get involved in discussions.
  • Deep knowledge of all thing’s web;
  • Soft skills to facilitate and handle a PO and development team;
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks;
  • Problem-solving, forward-thinking and consumer-centric mind-set;
  • The skill to work autonomously with a high level of responsibility and freedom;
  • Ability to speak and write English fluently. Knowledge of the Dutch language (or eagerness to learn) is a plus;
  • Keen on building bridges;
  • Willingness to travel to the teams in Serbia once it’s safe an possible.


Relevant? Apply!

We have a straightforward selection process, with two or three conversations. First, an informal coffee with Rutger-Jan Hoogerdijk, Manager Digital Technology TV. Second, a technical discussion with peers. Apply here.



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