Infostrada Sports partner Connected Stadium - PSV Eindhoven, UPC
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Infostrada Sports, PSV Eindhoven and UPC launch the project Connected Stadium, a service where wireless internet, online media, a new PSV app and digital services come together – a first for the Netherlands.


The Philips Stadium of the Dutch football club PSV will be provided with a reliable Wi-Fi-application for the next football season. It is the first time that such a Wi-Fi-network with high-speed and high bandwidth is being installed that is able to support such a large number of stadium visitors simultaneously. The High Density Wi-Fi-technology is delivered by UPC Netherlands, a provider of digital television, broadband internet and telephone services.


The collaboration between PSV, UPC and Infostrada Sports enables an experience that is new to stadium visitors. In addition to high-speed internet, several functionalities will be linked to the network like a new designed and developed PSV app, which contains all information about PSV, latest news, statistics and video footage.


Infostrada Sports is responsible for building the mobile app, including the underlying Content Management System (CMS).  The CMS is built in a way that enables PSV to manage the content itself. Besides the content from the website, also other content such as live video streams can be added easily.


Peter Rovers, manager Marketing, Media & Business Development PSV: “The smartphone is for more and more people the most personal and indispensable device that they have. Our fans also want to be continuously connected to internet in the stadium and preferably use a fast connection. With innovation as core value PSV, UPC and Infostrada Sports will anticipate on this development and exploit all digital opportunities at the same time. In particular to further enhance match-day engagement of our fans in the stadium. Connected Stadium is much more than just Wi-Fi-access; it is a total solution by combining all applications. New video services, real-time statistics, an online program guide and many new opportunities for our sponsors; PSV wants to play a leading role.”


“We are proud of this unique and innovative Connected Stadium project. In collaboration with UPC and PSV we will build the PSV mobile application, including the underlying Content Management System (CMS). We are convinced that all PSV fans will benefit from this collaboration, because we believe it will bring them a lot of enjoyment. With this app, fans will be able to come even closer to their favourite club during matches but also outside the stadium,” added Danny Menken, CEO Infostrada Sports.


Wouter van Rhoon, Commercial Director UPC Business: “This total solution is proof of our Wi-Fi-strategy. Along with PSV and leading partners like Infostrada Sports, we will create an online experience that seamlessly offers services, information and social networks that are accessed via a high quality Wi-Fi-network. The innovative technique enables fans to get an enriched and versatile online and offline experience.”