VidiGo enters mid-end market with Studio Automation
27-03-2014 23:00:00 | Door: Nico Scherphuis | hits: 3199 | Tags:

VidiGo and partner Qualitron today announced they will be implementing VidiGo Studio Automation at eight regional TV stations in the Nordics . With this installation VidiGo is entering the mid-end market with an easy to use open automation tool for end-to-end news production. The solutions will also be presented at the NAB 2014 in Las Vegas.


Goal of the project is to create an intuitive, easy to use, automated workflow that really shows a new way of working. A future proof workflow that can be operated by the editors themselves. The fully IT-based workflow, consisting of VidiGo Live and VidiGo Live Assist is a perfect match with the ambitions of the national broadcaster. Together with Finnish partner Qualitron, VidiGo will integrate eight complete studios in all regions. All stations will be fully integrated with iNEWS and can be operated stand-alone.


Antti Laurila, CEO Qualitron: “Our client was looking for a new way of working to modernize their live production. The broadcast world is changing rapidly and they wanted something that was ready for the future. We offered VidiGo because we strongly believe in IT-based workflows due to the intuitiveness, the ease of automation and the integration possibilities. Another aspect of course is the readiness for future trends as virtualization. We strongly believe that VidiGo is a frontrunner in this new way of TV production. But to be honest, the lower investment and operational costs also played an important role in the decision.”


Reinout Lempers, CCO VidiGo: "With VidiGo Studio Automation we have chosen a clear route. We want to close the gap between the low-end and the high-end solutions in live TV production. Studio Automation is the way to go for smaller productions. Winning such a substantial public tender, is a big step forward for VidiGo and proof that VidiGo has an increasingly strong position in the professional broadcast industry. We are proud that we can deliver a future proof solution at a very competitive price level, not only in CAPEX but definitely also on OPEX."


The deal includes several VidiGo Studio Automation sets for the automation of live production and integration with iNEWS. An important element in addition to the integration with iNEWS is the use of the VidiGo Graphics Composer. This environment provides reporters and editors the ability to use graphics templates within VidiGo Studio Automation. The broadcaster will also be using VidiGo Toolbox for broadcasting of desktop content and live Skype interviews.


About VidiGo

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